Autumn weather brings thoughts of Winter…

Cool Autumn days are bringing thoughts of winter.  I have had a slight dread of winter the past few years, due to the fact that I spend a large amount of time alone as it is, but when winter comes, it becomes more.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my alone time, at this point probably more than most people do.  However, to start it was new to me and it does seem to be to much time alone.

On a daily basis during the summer week, I spend about 60 hours of awake time alone.   The rest of the time I am with John.  Aside from him I usually don’t have any in person human contact at all, unless I go to the convenience store.  Those people are a real bunch of characters and a gift for me.  I have two friends that I talk to on the phone, usually once a week, give or take.  I also see each of these two great ladies every couple of months.

It would seem that when the landscaping season is over, I would have John with me a lot more, but it never seems to work out that way.  There is still random work to be done and if it snows, he is gone.

I have to say that last winter was tough, for everyone in the Boston area and other areas as well.  For me it meant spending days alone and at the time I had no phone and no vehicle.

This year I won’t allow myself to be without a phone and we also have a vehicle so that I can get out if I need something.

One of my friends wants me to go sledding this year.  She is very surprised that I have never been.  I think I will have to do that…


27 thoughts on “Autumn weather brings thoughts of Winter…

  1. Go sledding. It is fun. Try X-Country skiing! Have snowball fights! Help any local kids build a snowman or, even better, build your own snowman. Try and build an igloo! Most important of all however ……. have a blast and record it in Posts so the rest of us can smile at your Winter! If you have chickadees in your area, they will probably take sunflower seeds right out of your hand in the Winter. Look for icicles hanging off roofs! Some will be surprisingly big! You just gotta luv Winter:)

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      • Just because somebody tries to put down Winter (some people will put down anything) shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it. Giggle out loud … make angels in the snow ….. let the inner child come out and play! 🙂

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    • One more thing, I tried the snowball fight thing with John. Yeah, I lost dreadfully. Snivel. His sister said he couldn’t have a snowball fight with me until I throw the first one. I don’t know that I will be doing that again. Unless of course I stock pile snow balls while he is at work and build a fort. Nothing he can do then! Ha!


      • Snow ball fights aren’t about winning or losing (unless you win!) …. they are just childish fun. It crossed my mind many years ago that adults are very serious beings. They have lost the desire and/or ability to have fun so, for anybody who wants to know how to have fun ….. go to a park and watch the children. They’re experts! 🙂


    • I don’t get depressed in the winter, just extremely bored. The past couple years, especially last year it was hard to get anywhere. I live in a rented room, so it isn’t a normal lifestyle to start with, but being out in suburbia with no phone and no car really did me in the past year. It was definitely a case of mind numbing silence and boredom. This year I am going to have to get out which will be easier. And I will have a phone.


  2. Sledding is awesome. There are a lot of things you can do to combat the boredom, just make sure you have a good set of chains or snow tires and a good coat. Also thee are a lot of indoor things like art and music that could help with the boredom. Take more vitamin D when the winter starts too.

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