Perspective of a mother…

It was 1951 and she was fifteen years old, a newly wed with an infant son.  She lived with her new husband and his mother.  Her new mother-in-law was a stern older woman who spoke very little English and did not like her.  There were rats in the house, which the old woman would kill by beating them with the broom.  She seemed unbothered by this, but the young mother was terrified.  She kept her infant son in a drawer, because she had no crib.

It was 1969 and she was 34 years old.  She was married with an infant that was her sixth child.  She lived with her husband and her children in a house of their own.

Two very different mothers to two different infants.  Their childhood quite different.  However, it was the same mother.  My mother.  I am the sixth child.


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