The Chaos of Yesterday…

I had two doctor appointments yesterday.  The first with my GP and the second with my GI.  Aside from the fact that I had my period, (sorry) everything seemed as though things would go smoothly.  Nothing is ever as it seems.

I got to my first doctor’s office and the truth is, I think I frighten the man just a little.  This was my third appointment with him and so he is starting to get to know me just a bit.  First we did the bartering system.  This is where he puts out a test he wants me to suffer through, such as a mammogram.  We bartered that I would do that when I am fifty.  Then he asks about a GYN.  We barter that we may talk about that again in a year, no promises on anything other than talk.  That is when he throw out the colonoscopy.  Clever man knew he was baiting me with the first two.  He says we are compromising.  Goody.  He even threw in a tetanus shot for good measure.

The doctor seems to have also learned rather quickly how to handle the situation around my getting my blood taken.  I was supposed to have that done last week, but I didn’t.  I won’t get into my long drawn out excuses of why, I just didn’t.  So as I am leaving, the doctor says to me, “Don’t leave the building without leaving your blood.”    “Fine.”  I go to the lab on the way out like a good doobie.

Second doctor appointment didn’t go quite as smoothly.  This one has two offices, in two different towns.  When the woman called to give me the information, she gave me half of one address and half of the other and so I, at about 1:40pm yesterday was sitting in the truck, in the boonies somewhere in front of a barn with a look of disgust and horror on my face.  Naturally, the fact that my gas tank was now on empty didn’t make things any better.  At that point I decided to first concentrate on finding a gas station as quickly as possible, which I did.

I got gas and called a friend who looked the doctor up on the internet for me.  She gave me the only office address she could find and I started towards there.  My friend had also given me the number for the doctor and so I called to say I was no my way.  By the time I was on the phone with them however, I was about five minutes away when they informed me it was the other office.  I immediately pulled over and said “What?”

I asked the secretary if I could still make it if I turned around and she decided to ask the doctor.  He said no.  He also said that he would prefer if I had some blood taken before the next appointment, which would be next week.   She said they called it in for the lab at a hospital five minutes from where I was.  I was confused for a moment until I realized they were trying to rope me into this.  So I asked if it would be alright if I went to a different lab.  The answer was an emphatic “No, go to the lab you are near right now.”

I swear I have runner listed in my records.  So yes, they roped me twice in one day, not to mention the tetanus shot.

Somewhere in those twelve tubes of blood is a test to confirm that I am in the midst of menopause.  I am sure everyone is thrilled to hear about it!  I have pretty much already known this for quite some time.  The thing is though, I am getting tired of the comments like, “So you think you are going through menopause?”  Yes, that comment came from a nurse and I should have said, “Well then why don’t you test me for that?” but I didn’t.  If only I could go back and give the correct responses to snide comments.

That brings me to something I said to my new GP. at the end of my second appointment with him.

I said “Thank you for listening.  A lot of doctors hear “bi-polar” and they stop listening after that.  It is nice to have someone listen.”

I have had some serious physical issues that need dealing with.  This doctor listened to what I was saying and gave me the referrals I needed.    At this point I am not ready to talk/write about it, but I need to put out there that this is the first time I have been to a doctor that did not know me during my marriage and the fact that they listened to me and they were not looking to get answers from someone else feels great.  Even better, I will be getting the treatment I need.


2 thoughts on “The Chaos of Yesterday…

  1. Your GP story matches mine. I settle for the mammaogram in the end and it always causes me troubles, but no pap smears and no colonoscopies and I am 59. For a while he couldn’t even convince me to do the mammogram. I have a cyst this time. So far considered benign.

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