Top nine talents you wouldn’t want…

After reading Ameena’s Post on the top nine talents you wouldn’t want, I couldn’t help but follow along in the fun of showing my weirdness.  So here goes with my list of talents.

  1. I lose or misplace absolutely everything I touch.   (I must work hard at this one, because I have a black phone, a black pen and a black lighter, all at the bottom of my black pocket book.   I can find nothing ever!)
  2. I can eat 20 oz. of Mac&Cheese in 3.5 minutes.
  3. If  I laugh to hard I pee my pants.
  4. I can be extremely sarcastic and it is difficult at times to know if I am serious or not.  (Mostly I’m not…)
  5. I can complicate anything, just ask me.
  6. I’m so stubborn I make a mule look like a pushover.
  7. I’m so defiant I can’t tell myself what to do.
  8. My imagination is such that I see crocodiles in the lakes in Massachusetts, where there are no crocodiles.
  9. And my very worst talent is, I can smoke a cigarette faster than anyone I have ever known.

That is it for me.  What are your nine talents we wouldn’t want?


15 thoughts on “Top nine talents you wouldn’t want…

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  2. 1. I can scare people very well.
    2. I can get very buzzed on 3 beers or less.
    3. I can projectile vomit from a very good distance.
    4. I can give people a look that keeps them far away from me.
    5. I can swallow more pills at once than most people I know.
    6. I sweat like crazy but don’t stink.
    7. If angry, I can speak in ways that make sailors cover their ears.
    8. Sleeps through apparently anything except cats wanting food.
    9. Can nitpick any musical performance to change a person’s opinion to the negative of said performer, even if they once liked them unless I like them too.

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  3. 1; I can smoke a cigarette faster than you.
    2. If I laugh so hard that I pee my pants, I laugh even harder.
    3. I laugh during funerals.
    4. I laugh at Massachusetts State police officers. Very bad idea.
    5. I’ve laughed at police officers in seven different countries. Also not good.
    6. I laugh about things from the past that make me sad.
    7. I laugh at myself. I guess that’s not so bad.
    8. I get weepy when I run out of beer. Then I laugh. The crazy kind of laughter that will put you in a laughing factory.
    9. I don’t laugh enough.

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  4. Hahaha, I loved reading this. We have something common in number 1 tho I’m not exactly sure it’s a good thing 😀
    And you can be too careful, who knows, maybe there might be some baby crocos lurking in the water. 😁

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  5. I talk in my sleep. Sometimes so much so, that I’ll wake up saying a word. I’ve almost filled a journal with words I remember saying in my sleep. My favorite word I remember saying, cuz it made me laugh like a lunatic and scare my husband was: tits! 😀

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