How I Survive, Part 2

When I read this the depth of pain, struggle and courage drew me in as an experience. I don’t think there is anyone that wouldn’t benefit from reading Josh’s story.

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Hello dear reader(s)!

If you read Part 1, you know that in the last few years I have been through some stuff.  That stuff has left me scarred, both physically and emotionally.  Some of those scars will always be there.  I lost the hearing in my left ear during treatment (which sucks, as a musician, I might add).  I have cataracts in both eyes due to high doses of prednisone.  I have kidney damage that is stable as of now.  I have too much iron in my blood from over 200 red blood transfusions, and over 300 platelet transfusions.  I have no B-cells which means I can’t get vaccinated with my new immune system and have to rely on an ever-shrinking herd-immunity.  My neutrophils fluctuate to this day.  I have some liver damage as well.  Due to all of this, I also have issues absorbing certain vitamins and hormones.  I…

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