A Thousand Miles…

I have been on a journey of a thousand miles.

A thousand footsteps, a thousand hearts beats,

a million tears, some from laughing and some from crying.

I have stayed standing when I thought I would not make it,

because I knew I would not get up again if I didn’t.

As I look back over these miles that I have travelled

and think of the lessons I have learned,

I know that it was worth all of the effort and even the losses.

Why? Because I am worth it.

100_0834 (2)

As I look forward to the miles ahead, there are some things I know are absolute.

1. I am “myself”, if you don’t like me the way that I am, that is your choice, there are people who do.

2. I will laugh hysterically, dance wildly and talk incessantly, in public.

3. I will be with the ones that want to be with me and this is how I will know who they are. They will treat me with respect, show me honesty and caring. They will listen to my voice and see me. They will consider me and they will appreciate that I consider them. They will show me who they truly are, letting me experience them. They are worth it.

4. Courage is not the lack of fear, it is moving forward inspite of the fear.

5. My courage and fortitude were underestimated.

Dedicated to the Squirrel Whisperer.

Photo by TripleClicka


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