Cereal Killer…

There are times when life can become a bit overwhelming.  Times when we are feeling a bit down, or simply a little stressed.  Times when all of the hard things in life seem to be right up in the front of your mind and then one thing happens.  One little thing and that is all it takes, hence we have a temper tantrum.

Admittedly, temper tantrums don’t have the greatest tendency to solve anything.  I can’t really say what the purpose of them is.  I can say I have been working on it, progress not perfection.

So, last week sometime, one little thing happened and yes, I beat up Snap Crackle and Pop!  John says I killed that box of cereal, but I disagree.  The cereal itself is fine, albeit that the bag has a lot more cereal dust at the bottom.  The box however is now in the recycling bin.


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