Choosing to be happy.

I wanted to reblog this so that I could read it again when I need to. My question was actually, “Does she know what an inspiration she is?”

Heathers Helpers

If I sat down right now and wrote out the details of my life, good vs. bad, I am still heavily indebted to the negative side. Far more has gone wrong than has gone right and to some extent this still continues. My life is not filled with horrible days every day but there are still enough horrible days to remind me that I am on a very precarious cliff and I need to watch my every step.

There are those therapy days where I try to chip away at the concrete that was laid firmly in my chest all those decades ago.
My birth family that has let me down so horribly from the day I was born and still do, right up to today.
My young adult children (18 – 21 – 22) see my progress and ability to care for myself as selfish rather than being happy…

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