Summer is coming to an end…

Now summer is coming to an end.  Days of embracing the heat, letting it make me lazy.  The sun sapping the energy from my muscles as I paddled my kayak through the masses of lily pads.  Lying in the grass as the density of the air seems to push me down closer to the earth.  Those days are coming to an end.

Soon, days of wearing hoodies, when the lily pads die off and the crisp of the air feels as good as the remaining warmth of the sun.  No more searching for shade in the water, or trudging through those masses of lily pads.  Clear water, but now searching for a place out of the wind.   

The apple orchard down the road is busy already, bringing thoughts of baking on a cold day.  The leaves will soon be turning, long drives to see foliage.  Bales of hay and scare crows, colored stalks of corn in a row, decorating lawn of houses that were recently colored with splashes of flowers in the summer time.  Bright reds and yellows give way to russets and gold hues of mums.  Gourds and pumpkins, artistically placed.  A new season creates a whole new world.  Changes in colors and sounds, smells and sights.  The feel of the air itself.  

I would like a few more days of summer…


Photo by TripleClicka



8 thoughts on “Summer is coming to an end…

  1. Beautifully written! While I share most of your thoughts, I am looking forward once again to crisp mornings; to the beauty of a fresh snowfall; to be able to go out in both the mornings and the evenings without thinking about mosquitos; to hear children’s laughter as they play in the snow. We don’t generally get too much of a transition between Summer and Winter, but that week or two is loved. Our Summers are hot and humid. Our Winters are dry and extremely cold. I love this climate. Life is good. 🙂

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