For my friends that care…

It’s hard, it is really very hard, sometimes as I sit here, staring at the screen.

It’s hard, it is sometimes very hard, when you tell me to let it go.

Grief has no time limit, no frame of containment where anyone gets away free.

Grieve now, or grieve later, these are the only choices there are.

True, I could move forward, just shove it aside, just like you say that I should do.

But I’ve been here before, not just once, or twice.

I’ve shoved it aside, buried it deep, moved forward without taking the time.

It was a mistake then, it would be a mistake now, I won’t do that again.

I will go over in my mind the moments that mattered to me as long as they weigh on my heart.

The only word I have ever received that was guaranteed if only I gave myself to it, was “time”.

Time is not always guaranteed, but I’ll take my chances.

Time will heal.



9 thoughts on “For my friends that care…

  1. Don’t shove it aside, acknowledge it, let yourself feel the grief, and then keep going. There is a difference between moving forward and trying to move on. You are always moving forward, but sometimes you can never fully move on. I grieve everyday, I just try not to live in that grief.

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  2. Can I just say – take your time? When to let go is so completely up to you. Only you can know when it’s right and even IF it’s right. It’s not something that can be rushed; it’s a process, a painful one. Sometimes the “just be positive” comments are more damaging than helpful. I know this all too well. So I will just be honest and say do what feels right for you; feel it; process it in your own time. Just don’t let it consume you. Remember that YOU matter and the day will come when you see some change.

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  3. Keep writing, darling T! Pour every gloom, anger, laugh, cuss into every word. Sometimes what you write may not be meant for anyone else but you to see, but let it all out. My friend, Nick, calls writing an exorcism.

    Much love and best thoughts for you! ❤

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    • I know this is an old post and not sure if it is proper etiquette to still comment, but that has to be the most beautiful thing I have ever read. It should be required reading in a school, or course as you said, when we are young we just resist wisdom that is being offered and avoid it if there is anyway possible. I can only hope that one day I am remembered as having taught someone something.

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