Mental Health Friday: #1

A post I wrote for Mental Health Fridays. Randoms by a Random is a great blog to read, not only for awareness, but also for wonderful poetry, and stories. Trae.

Randoms by a Random


I was first diagnosed with Early Onset Bipolar Disorder when I was five years old. At that time, my mother did not accept the diagnosis and moved forward with no help. At the age of 23, after I had my first child, I was diagnosed again. I did not accept my diagnosis at that time. At the age of 31, I was once again diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, ADHD and PTSD. I accepted my diagnosis’ and went for treatment.

Through my life, there have been great losses and broken relationships due to the stigma of mental illness. It amazes me when I come to realize how destructive ignorance can be. I wish the people in my life had been educated at least enough to know that mental illness, like any physical illness, is not a choice. It is not a moral issue. It has absolutely nothing to do with values…

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14 thoughts on “Mental Health Friday: #1

  1. Great job. Get the message out there that mental illness is not a contagious disease; people with mental issues are simply normal people with a mental illness. They can function just like you and I.
    An estimated 19 million Americans suffer from depression or mental illness, but some of the famous people from the past to the present who have might surprise you – Beethoven*, Marlon Brando, Winston Churchill, Kurt Cobain, Judy Collins, Charles Dickens, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Vivien Leigh, Sinead O’Connor, Vincent Van Gogh* and many, many, more etc. etc. All of them achieved far more than most of us who do not have a mental illness!
    *Theorized based on medical evidence available from the period.

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  2. One of the things I’ve loved about blogging is the connections made with others. We may never meet each other outside of WP, but we can still encourage, support and listen. You have other future adventures with Sydney that I and others are excited to read about. I’m always hoping for the best for you and know that despite your struggles, you will endure, laugh, and love……and through your writings, we’ll be right there with you each step of the way. ❤

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