Pictures on the water…

It was suggested by Rose from Poet Rummager that I show some pictures of our water adventures.  I don’t have all that many considering I forget to bring the camera, or become wary of dropping it in the water!

First some pictures at a lake in Mansfield Ma.  This was last fall, before I had a kayak.  John was on the water and I was walking the park…

IMG_1438 (2)

There were no woods there for me to explore, so I walked around a bit before sitting at the side of the lake.

IMG_1443 (2)

What I thought was really nice was the little duck pond on the side of the lake.  It is a fountain, clearly dedicated to the Mansfield Duck races.IMG_1448

Very cute, I think…

IMG_1449 (2)

Moving onward to maybe not John’s first time, but mine kayaking in the Charles.  We did not mark a route then, just a maiden voyage for me!  We entered at Creek Street.

100_0645   Just on the other side of this bring was our entry and after going under the bridge, I turned for a picture to mark it.


Not much further and there was a bird house built into the water.


I love Lilies and Water Lilies are no exception.

100_0661 (2)                100_0658

And of course, the Water Lily with a Lady Bug on the side…

100_0663 (2)

Just a couple more….


Yet another bridge type thing to pass through!  And then you have Sydney going incognito!

100_0675 (2)  And me…  100_0703 (2)






3 thoughts on “Pictures on the water…

  1. You took beautiful photos! The bridges you captured have their own personality, and I love the difference in scales, as well. Oh, you look adorable in your kayak! What has been your favorite place to go kayaking so far?

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    • Thank you so much! I grew up a 10 minute walk from the Charles River and used to walk it in Boston. I have always loved the river from the other side, now being on the water in the river is definitely my favorite. Of course, we are starting out at the other end of the river. I am really looking forward to getting closer to Boston. No one said we had to do it in order, so I am thinking in the Fall. (Don’t tell John yet…)
      As for lakes or ponds, I suppose it depends on what I am going for. They are all so beautiful. They all have swans and the heron. If I am going for fishing, I don’t mind something small. If I feel like rowing a lot, it has to be something bigger. Otherwise, they all have something special about them.
      I will have to get back to you on the ocean. As of yet, I don’t have a salt water fishing license. Maybe next year! 🙂

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