Sydney made a friend…

John and I kayaked a piece of the Charles on Saturday.  Here is the route we took.  It starts at the River Street entrance and ends at Populatic Pond.

So when we got there, the fish were jumping and Sydney made a friend!  Yes, I caught a fish, not a very big fish.

We will just call him my “Little Big Mouth Bass!”

Anyway, I caught the fish and gave up on fishing for the day.  Go figure… What else is new, etc. etc. etc…

So I saw a line of turtles sitting on a log.  It was really cute.  Then we saw swan parents with three babies.  I was surprised to see that they really do look like ugly ducklings… (I whispered that to John at on the water so that the swans wouldn’t hear me…)

Then I started to think about writing.  I had notebooks and pens with me so I could.   That is when it happened and it seem to be getting worse.

Every time that we are out on the water and I start thinking of writing, I grab my notebook and pen and sit staring at the paper.  That is when it happens.

I become painfully aware of the monsters that could be lurking under the water.  I realize how quiet it is and I turn to see how far away John is.  Then I look back at the water and start to notice the crocodiles slithering out of the recesses of the trees that line the river.

I look right and left and I see a million things that may or may not be the head of a snake, or perhaps some other giant water lizard that just might eat me and then I turn my kayak around as fast as I can and start paddling towards John!

When I am safely beside him, I look over my shoulder to see that he monsters have all hidden themselves once again.

I don’t tell John to much about them.  He doesn’t believe me anyway.


12 thoughts on “Sydney made a friend…

  1. Would’ve loved to see pics of the turtle! Yeah, those crocs only come out when your man isn’t paying attention…..that’s like the monsters hiding under the kitchen sink (reason why I don’t do the dishes anymore).

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