The Vacant Zone…

Well, I said I was in the “Zone” and I was going to catch a fish.  Needless to say, things went the way they usually do, (unpredictably…) and so we went fishing on Sunday instead.

Sunday was a very windy day.  Still, I was determined.  Also, the lake is now infested with lily pads.  When I say infested, what I mean is that it makes paddling that much harder.

So yeah, I started off with that worm lure, whose name shall be Gary.  Anyway, Gary seems to have a complex or something.   What I am told to do is cast Gary out into the water, let him settle down for a few, and then jerk him and reel a little, jerk, reel…

I kept telling Gary to just be himself, let it all hang loose, strut his rubbery self, have a little confidence maybe?  No such luck.  Gary seemed uptight about where he was being dropped.  If not for the wind, I might have had a bit more control over that.   We weren’t getting along so well, so Gary retired until such time as no wind and Sidney made his attempt at not being so dis-social.

Sidney was all set with his garlic cologne and the usual pep talk!  Nothing.  Need I mention John caught three bass, two pickerel, a perch and a blue gill.  No, I don’t think it is necessary to point that out.

Dragging my poor pitiful self through the lily pads without said fish was sad…


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