In my quest to get over the whole “injuring fish” notion that I have, I start a lot of conversations with John about the experience from the fish’s point of view.

The first piece of information John ever gave me that he thought might help was that around a fishes mouth is cartilage, so basically he is trying to tell me that the fish doesn’t feel the hook.  Like a piercing.

I was ready and quite able to argue this point.  I referred to this as being the same as getting a piercing on the top part of your ear.   I have personal experience with that, and believe me, I felt it.

This doesn’t even cover  when the fish swallows the entire hook and John tells me it’s better to leave the hook than to pull.  He says if I pull the hook, I could rip organs and kill the fish.  Then he tells me the hook will rust out over time.  That process didn’t make me feel better at all.

Moving on to my questions concerning the intelligence of the fish.  I have considered that if fish has a boat load of intelligence going on and it was painful, they wouldn’t put up such a fight and continuously yank on the string.

In the end, I asked John one last time, “Do you really think fish are stupid?”

He answered,  “They eat things with hooks in it, so yes, I think they’re stupid.”




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  1. I think that calling fish stupid because “they eat things with hooks in it” is a little unfair because it pre-supposes that the fish knew the hook was there. Perhaps, like us and many other creatures, their review of the food that is to be imminently consumed is cursory to say the least …. but does that make us all stupid?
    I have never understood the pleasure in trying to bury a very sharp hook into a fishes mouth; drag it out of its natural environment by the embedded hook; leave it hanging there while we think about how to do the next step; manhandle it to remove the hook leaving all kinds of tissue damage; then throwing it back into the water. What was the point? 🙂

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    • I don’t know, I really don’t. I know I like catching the fish, but releasing the fish seems to ruin it for me. I don’t like hurting them, which I guess is why I stop the minute I catch one, or inadvertently leave the plastic on the hook!
      I do agree with you that it doesn’t make them stupid. I am wondering if he is tired of my asking. It took him three years to say that…

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      • Probably ……… he gave you the first answer that came to mind! I have yet to hear a good explanation from any fisherman. The most common is “they don’t have feelings” to which I reply “Drop a live lobster into boiling water and listen to it!” …….. then explain it to me.

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      • At least when you drop the lobster in water it is for food. Not that I have ever had lobster, because I haven’t, but that isn’t the point. I eat hamburger, but I don’t go around slapping cows for no apparent reason!
        The truth is, if I could get past hurting the fish, I would love fishing, but I can’t. I always make a point to thank the fish for the sport if that makes a difference. Sadly, they didn’t sign up to play, so back at square one. Not to mention I always want to bring them home and put them in the bath tub…


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