Lazy me, a rake and a lake…

When I asked John last night what we were doing today, I was waiting for an answer involving the Cape Cod Canal.  Not so much.

What he said was that we are going to Zee’s.  John does the landscaping for Zee and I follow along and help.  I am not really in the mood to rake today.  I am not necessarily feeling warm and fuzzy over pulling weeds either.

The plus side is that we can get the screen fixed and during the week I can screen the compost.  That does not sound like the most pleasant plus side, but it is very relaxing never the less.  This of course is aside from the occasional worm, or bizarre looking insect that gives me a heart attack.   My avoidance of insects has been heightened since last fall when I raked an underground beehive.  Not the best experience I have ever had.  Not the worst, but definitely not the best.

Zee lives on a lake and I caught my first bass there, which was technically the first fish I caught by myself.   I like fishing there from shore, but I haven’t taken my kayak out because the lake is extremely busy.

Summer days are long, so after the work at Zee’s we are going to go kayak fishing.  I’m in the zone, I am going to catch a fish!  If I remember to take the plastic off the hook…………

to be continued…


3 thoughts on “Lazy me, a rake and a lake…

    • Thanks! Since my post concerning Sidney, when you suggested I changed his name, I decided my next lure would be named Gary. Problem arose when my next lure turned out to be a worm! No offense Gary! The good news is, John tells me that a worm is a very reliable bait…


  1. Worms are a bait that all fish are attracted to 🙂 They should serve you well. Enjoy your fishing trip 🙂 And I can understand your reluctance with insects because of bees. But wasps are worse. Bees make honey, and pollinate flowers. They have a purpose in nature, and only sting out of fear. Wasps serve no useful purpose, and sting just because they can. Wasps are nature’s assholes.

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