Don’t Ever Forget…

March 30, 1990

Don’t Ever Forget…

I’m trying to be good,

Don’t forget when you were bad.

I’m trying to do right,

Don’t forget when you did wrong.

I’m trying to create,

Don’t forget when you destroyed.

I want to be someone,

Don’t forget when you were no one.

I want to be happy,

Don’t forget when you were sad.

I want to be loved.

Don’t forget when you were hated.

March 30, 1990   (no title)

Tears from a dandelion soften the earth,

Crying for what should have been.

Fall asleep, you won’t wake up.

Dreams can come true

Make a wish, blow real hard…

Thorns from a rose, draw blood from the sun.

Was it you who cried?

March 30, 1990    A poem I wrote for my sister when I was twenty one years old.

Sitting here I remember you.

I’ve sat here before,

I sat here with you.

I was alone, so alone yesterday.

I’ve sat here before.

Sitting here I remember you.

I sit here without you.

I am happy now.

I am not alone today,

I am surrounded inside myself.


I Have to Wonder What You Learned,     By Triple Clicka… October 2013…

Taking the blinders off….

I see the lightning, I hear the thunder,

I feel the wind & the rain of this storm that rages inside of me,

But I will not see with my eyes, Hear with my ears,

Nor feel with my heart

Who it was that I always believed you to be.

Now I only perceive you to be the disgusting creature

that you truly are and always have been.

Hiding you from myself for so long, I hide you no more.





6 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Forget…

  1. You’ve come a long way from being that lost 21 year old. Your last poem written only two years ago is a sharp contrast from the poems of your youth. It shows a more confident you, even if there’s still some pain there. Keep striving.

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