Conversations with John…

I have told John from the start, I don’t like sunshine pumped up my rear.  So when I mentioned one evening as we were walking his sister’s dog, that I thought I was getting old and wrinkly, his response began with the words,

“Well, the unfortunate truth is…….”

I am sure you can imagine that his life dangled for a moment or two in some dark abyss in the back of my mind.  However, just in time to save him, I remembered I said I didn’t like sunshine up my rear and so, I had to laugh.

At one point I asked John if he was eating my candy.  He answered, “No, this is my candy, I already ate yours.”

John asked me if I ate the last cookie.  I told him, “No, you ate the last cookie, you just ate it before I ate mine.”

I ask, “Are you going to go to work if it is raining like this?”  He answers, “Well, due to the density of the blah blah blah clouds and/or this, that and the other thing, this particular storm will, blah, blah, blah……………”

I with a dead stare, “Are you working today, or not?”

I ask, “Are you trying to aggravate?”   He says, “Yes.”

I once asked John if he was an ax murderer, he said yes to that too.  Hmmm……



2 thoughts on “Conversations with John…

  1. Augh. Cookies and candy are not safe in the house with me around. I actually have to ask Shae to hide them from me so that she can dole them out in reasonable quantities or else I go all Cookie Monster on them.

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