Bloggers cocoon, growing pains and a train of thought…

This is about the third time it has happened, my mind in a cocoon of thought on where to go with all of this.   Where I change as a blogger, my ideas on what I want on my blog and what I don’t.

Sincerely, I want everything on my blog, that being part of the problem.  The question seems to be, what do I have the balls to put there, what do I believe is fair to put there.  Is it to much, not enough?  I have these growing pains going on and sometimes I am afraid to go forward.

And then there is this push from inside that makes it impossible to write until I bleed on paper.  When is that going to happen?

It’s like trying to find the right train to jump on, where is the train going to end up?  I can’t see what is down the tracks.


6 thoughts on “Bloggers cocoon, growing pains and a train of thought…

  1. Absolutely………. be adventurous enough to take a chance and, in a “worst case scenario”, be humble enough to apologize if necessary. Regardless of the outcome, you will learn from it …… and learning is a good thing. Isn’t that what life is supposed to be? One continuous education. One continuous improvement. One continuous self realization?

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  2. I struggle with something similar, for what it’s worth. I want my blog to be my personal little diary but then as it’s gotten bigger I’ve felt weird about how personal some things have gotten vs. how many people have then read it. Then I want to comment on wider topics (like I did recently with passing) which is tied to my experiences but is more of an opinion piece.

    I’ve debated setting up another blog but for now everything ends up in the one place, but it has caused me to hesitate and just not talk about certain things as I couldn’t decide either way!

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    • I had started another blog connected to this one and it did not work well for me. I had an even harder time deciding what blog to publish on and then there is the issue of the other blog not being seen as it was secondary. So now I have it all back together again.
      Basically to the point of having to just bleed on paper and whatnot… it does get extremely difficult when it comes to personal stuff, only I am figuring I can’t move forward without doing that, so here goes nothing right? Good luck…


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