Maybe not as lost…

In his comment on my post  “At a loss” , Colin asked if maybe I was expecting to much.  I responded by saying I didn’t think so.

I continued to think over his question and I suppose in some sense I am.  I am looking for enough good in people to change my perspective and I’m left wondering now, why isn’t it good enough?  Why isn’t it good enough that there is so much good in John?  Why isn’t it good enough that there is so much good in the two women in my life?  Why isn’t it good enough to know that there was good in the people I met along the way?

What is it that I am expecting that is to much?  I’m expecting some kind soul to perform some wonderful act of random kindness that I happen to witness.  As a result, I expect my faith in God and man to be miraculously healed, this ache in my heart to disappear.

We know this won’t happen.  I know what it takes is time, acceptance and being able to look at the situation from a perspective of compassion.

Thank you Colin for reminding of this. You gave me some hope, I’m just not there yet…


2 thoughts on “Maybe not as lost…

  1. You will get there, but in your own time. A first step to perhaps consider is to vary your expectations between different people. I don’t expect honesty from a used car salesman but I do expect honesty from any self-professed Christian. I don’t expect overweight and unfit people to tell me what I should consider eating however, I am receptive to clearly healthy life-style people advising. I expect my family to be open and honest, but I don’t expect the same from people down the street. Finally, and as I said in your earlier post, I don’t (for the most part) expect much from anybody however, when I am disappointed, it sometimes provides me with an opportunity to offer perhaps a different perspective and set an example. When someone is rude, I have no desire to copy their example so I am polite. When someone is driving me nuts with their negativity, I will look for positives and present them accordingly. It may make absolutely no difference to the people you meet …… but you will feel better for it and that is really what is most important. How you feel about you. 🙂

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