Oddest of Places…

“I’ve been believing in yesterday, only just now I can’t remember.

I saw a shining hope of tomorrow, only the light has now gone dim.

So I am bleeding today for all that it’s worth”,  that is what I heard her say.

Then she crawled in the dirt where she had fallen,

She made no struggle to rise.

I saw her hands searching, touching, feeling, then she turned to me.

She held out her hand, opened it for me to see.

It was a sphere of sorts, some kind of ball, smoky and crystalized, it was gorgeous.

She wrapped it tight in her fingers and smiled for me.

Something beautiful in the oddest of places.



4 thoughts on “Oddest of Places…

  1. Love this one! 🙂 There really is beauty everywhere in life. Sometimes recognizing it is a challenge, sometimes we aren’t looking for it. But it’s always there. Especially in the challenges of life that face us with who we might one day become 🙂

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