There was a man…

There was a man, sitting on a park bench, while he read the paper.

There was a man walking through the park at dusk, his step was light and he whistled a tune from some other time.

There was a man in the midst of stepping off the train, though he changed his mind and went back as he watched a beautiful woman get on.

There was a man sitting on the street, no where to go, no one to call.

There was a man at the park, pushing a child on a swing.

There was a man with a contagious laugh and a sparkle in his eye.

There was a man holding his wife’s hand while she birthed their son.

There was a man that left his wife standing alone.

There was a man surrounded by people, only wanting to be alone.

There was a man all alone who wanted to be surrounded.

There was a man standing tall and proud.

There was a man fallen to his knees.

There was a man on the porch, sitting in a rocking chair, with an old grey blanket across his knees, while he sat and watched the sunset.

There was an old man who set with the sun, remembering an old tune he would whistle, with a sparkle in his eye.  He thought of a woman getting on a train, a son being born, a child on a swing.

And so who is this man standing in front of me?”  inquired the old man.

He was a young man, with a sparkle in his eye and a contagious laugh.  He was tall and he was proud, but to have his father ask him who he was, that brought him to his knees.


14 thoughts on “There was a man…

  1. This is so sad 😦 Alzheimer’s runs in my family on my dad’s side. His dad had it, and he had to experience this from the young son’s point of view. As he is now getting older, sometimes he shows signs that make us worry for him. I’ve become a lot stronger as a person in the last few years… but I don’t want to find out if this is something I can endure. I know he’ll always be my dad, regardless, and I’ll carry him with me, but…

    This hits me right in the heart. Damn. So well done!

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