The Big Wheel…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Toy Story.”

I was only six years old when the first big wheels came out!   I was also the last kid in my neighborhood to get one.  That was one of the best days ever, I loved my big wheel!

I lived on a dead end, which went downhill and there we all went on our big wheels, as fast as we could, only to crash into the truck yard fence!  It was awesome…

Then my older sister sat on it and broke the seat.  Go figure…

Forty years later and I still love to drive, only now my favorite thing to drive would be a pick up truck!  Also, I haven’t crashed into any fences.

I am sure by now the toy companies have figured out a way to include some form of music to the big wheel experience, if not, they just might.  Personally, I love music when I drive.

I love different kinds of music and I guess it generally depends on the day, only there is one song that I would definitely categorize as driving music.

Going on a road trip?  Gotta have it…  Driving Music…


5 thoughts on “The Big Wheel…

  1. You know this post had me all upset. When I was younger I wished and prayed for the opportunity to have a big wheel like all the others kids. My parents never got me one (never mind it was something we couldn’t afford at the time) my earliest memory of wanting something so bad that I couldn’t have. I hope to never feel that way again. I will definitely buy one for my little lady.

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    • Yes, and an easy bake oven too! Those were wicked cool! Anyway, they now have big wheels for adults, just in case you have the inclination to get one for yourself too. You and your little lady could ride together!


    • ( The point of couldn’t afford was the reason I was the last in the neighborhood to get one. I was told I wasn’t getting one at all, I think my mother got sick of watching me watch the other kids and the day I was surprised with it, I think the other kids were as excited as I was…

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