It’s raining…

It is a rainy day.  I was reading about the Charles River, while John was looking at maps of the river on the internet.

We have been talking about kayaking the Charles, but it will be something done over a period of time.  Eighty miles of river, broken up in pieces, not only because that is a lot of river, but because there is no way to kayak the entire length without getting out of the water.

According to what I read on Wikipedia, which is what the above link is to, the Charles starts on Teresa Road, in Hopkinton Massachusetts, and empties into Boston Harbor.

I grew up 16 miles from Boston Harbor.  It was less than a half mile walk to the Charles on Soldier’s Field in Brighton Massachusetts.  Now, I live 14.5 miles from the start of the river.

I always loved the river.  The fact that it was so very polluted did not take away from it’s appeal for me.  My mother remembered when people swam in the Charles, I do not.

I enjoyed the parks on the river, walking there, sitting by the water, on the docks.  As always I loved the trees.  Now, with the kayak, I will have a whole new perspective on the river, as with the ponds and lakes we go to.

Thus far I have spent most of my time on the water paddling around, experiencing the water and the life in it and surrounding it.  I have seen some beautiful things, along with catching a few fish.  Some pickerel and a few small bass.

The thing is, I haven’t been fishing for most of the time that I have spent on the water so far.  In general, John is fishing and I am exploring and paddling.  I think it will take some time before I feel I have looked around enough to settle down with fishing!