The Kayak…

I am always amusing myself by commenting on John’s canoe.  Truth is, John doesn’t have a canoe, he has a kayak, but for reasons unknown to me, he always has this expression on his face that makes me laugh when I call it a canoe and he then tells me for the millionth time that it is in fact a kayak!

At some point last summer, I thought my getting a kayak sounded like a good idea.  Needless to say, I was not going to just run out and buy one without thinking it through.  This was not exactly something I could call an impulse buy, so last summer passed by without my purchasing a kayak.

This spring, I still wanted a kayak.  Why?   Well, in John’s words, it will open up a whole new world for me, whatever that means.  I am assuming it will make fishing a whole lot different, which is a good point, but I am also interested in the physical part of it. not to mention the exploring.  So I guess that will be a whole new world then.

This morning I left the house to go shopping for something unrelated and when I was on my way out, John suggested that I go to a particular store to see what they had for kayaks.  I did not bring money with me, I was planning on just looking.   Up until this point, when I have looked, I haven’t seen any that really speak to me.

Well, I got to the store and made my way to the section where they had the kayaks.  I don’t know if anyone else has this experience when they see something in the store that they know just has to belong to them, but it is a warm, relaxed feeling and that is how it happened.  I was looking around, feeling a bit skeptical, since I haven’t  to this point found even one that made me smile and then there it was.

I don’t think I can even explain what was different about this kayak, but when I saw it I just stood there staring, like I was about to introduce myself.

“Hello Mister Kayak, it is so very nice to meet you.  You know, we could have a really good time, you and I.”

Odd, I know.  Hey, that is how it happened, right before I remembered that I didn’t bring money for this with me.  So, I called John, asked him if he wanted to come back here later with me.  He said I should ask them to hold it for me.  The answer to that question was no, so I then drove home, about a half hour, got what I needed and came back to buy the kayak.

Did anyone know that when you buy a kayak, they won’t help you tie it in the truck?  Liability, go figure.  Anyway, at least I can say I learned very quickly how to tie it in myself.  That is a good thing, I think.

After the man had left me standing there, tying the last knot, another man and his girl walked by me on their way out into the parking lot.  The man turns to me as they walk by and he says…

“Going canoeing?”

I immediately responded with,  “It’s a kayak!”

So I called John and told him that.  He laughed and laughed….

I guess tonight I will be testing out the waters…


11 thoughts on “The Kayak…

  1. What kind of a douche customer service department doesn’t help secure a kayak for you. Unbelievable! I would think after spending that amount of coin somewhere they would go out of there way for you.

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    • I don’t know Gary, maybe because I obviously didn’t know what I was doing. Before I left he said he would tie it on, then when I went back, he said they wouldn’t let him because of liability. He told me what to do and I did, then had to stop and call John on the way home, because it was sliding. The guy at the store had wanted me to just leave the tail gate open, I am glad I didn’t listen to him. At least I pay that much attention to how John ties his in. Anyway, made it home…

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  2. I love kayaking! It gets you so much closer to the surface of the water than other boats, and gives you the freedom to meander and poke at stuff — which is my favorite thing to do on the water!

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    • I saw your comment before I actually went, but forgot to approve it. (no accounting for my attention span there) You were right about the meandering and poking! Apparently I can imagine anything to be a crocodile, which was fun only because I know there are none around here! It was great…

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