Karma at the Laundry Matt…

It may seem a bit odd, but I have always enjoyed going to the laundry matt.   It pretty much leaves a person with nothing to do while the machines are going, other than to just sit back and relax while waiting, so for some reason it is a place for me to not think, or think, or read a good book.

About a week ago, I went to the laundry matt with a friend of mine.  We were there for a couple of hours and were just finishing up when a young man came in with a pile of items to be washed.

I observed as the man stood in front of the big loading machines, looking rather lost and confused.   All right fine, the man had an incredibly stupid look on his face and it wasn’t long before the evil grin slid across mine!

After an allotted amount of time in which this man should have been able to show some sign of “laundry matt” intelligence, I asked him,  “Having a problem?”

He answered by saying… “Well, I am looking to see if this is a…”

“Washing machine?”  I offered, with a snicker.

“Yes” he said as he stood looking stupid.  “I’m just not sure how much it costs.”

“Well” I said, “It is $5.25, just like it says right here, in big red letters.”

I proceeded to point out the features of said washing machines as though I were really smart and then, as I turned to walk back to my own stuff, I ran smack into the door of a dryer that I had left open.


I have to say, it sounded like I hit that door a lot harder than I actually did, but there it is, “Karma in the Laundry Matt.”

I turned back to the man and he and I both commented at the same time, that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been making fun of him.

I did remember to inform him on my way out that now that I was leaving, I could commence making fun of him without having to worry about bodily harm from a dryer door.