Cookies with coffee, or not…

So I am sitting with my coffee this morning and I ask John, “Where are the cookies?”

“The chocolate chip cookies?” he asks, “They are gone.”

I am horrified.  “They are gone??  You ate all the cookies?  How could you eat all the cookies?”

“There were only four left.”   he says.

So I ask,  “What about all the cookies you ate before there were only four left?”

He gets that look on his face, the one that clearly spells out the word “Really?” and then he says, “What about all the cookies you ate before there were only four left?”

I don’t know if anyone can identify with this or not, but I personally think the number of cookies that I ate before he ate the last four is irrelevant.

Regardless of how many cookies I ate, he still ate the last four.  You know what that means?  It means that he is not in any way concerned about my cookie intake.  This hurts.  I feel neglected and unspoiled.  It is a terrible way to feel.



10 thoughts on “Cookies with coffee, or not…

    • Listen Smart Guy… The cookies that YOU ate were chocolate chip. The cookies that I had were not chocolate chip, they were chocolate chocolate chip, which is not the same thing, not to mention they weren’t the ones from the bakery, they were as you said “a bag of cookies” and I only ate a half a cookie, because they were not quite the same, so there. I continue to feel unspoiled… Oh, and neglected, can’t forget neglected. Snivel…

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  1. Practice selflessness…In my house, we know what each other likes and will always leave the “last one” for the person who enjoys that particular thing the most. My wife rarely eats chocolate chip cookies so I always get the last one. 🙂

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