Two old boys, and a little girl…



This is a picture of me and my old boy, Rufus, back in 2010.  He was such a sweet boy!  A little bit lazy, greedy with his snacks and if I must admit, a little bit overweight!  I did try to put him on a diet once.  He was not overly happy with that.  Thought my finger was a snack one day and Lord have mercy, that did hurt!  He was so ashamed.  (Not his fault, not the best eyesight!)   All was forgiven…  Of all the rat friends I have had, I miss him the most.


This is a pic of my friends daughter with my boy Oscar, in 2012.  When I asked this child’s dad if it was alright with him to put this picture here, he did say as long as I title this picture as…

“Rat with Lunch”

So there you have it.  And now for the little girl…

Her name is Halo!  She is just a baby…

100_0577 (2)

Had a real hard time getting her to sit still for pictures, but here is the best for a toddler…


Then somehow my hair became a rats nest,   literally…

100_0596 (2)












14 thoughts on “Two old boys, and a little girl…

    • Well, it’s about time someone recognizes my charm and personality! Bwahahaha…. Yeah, just kidding, thank you, that is such a nice thing to say. Yes, she is cute! John actually came up with the name. I find it extremely difficult to live without animals, he says she is going to be my saving grace….


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    • I have never gotten a tunnel system for any of my rats, for that reason, definitely outgrow that quickly! They don’t seem to enjoy those runner wheels either, getting their tails stuck was a problem. I think they use their tails more than smaller rodents? I end up being the treadmill for this one!


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