Angry Eyed

If you choose not to take the time to read every word and watch every video of this man’s post, you will never take the time, nor put in the effort to make a difference. No excuses.

Behind The Eyes

Isn’t it amazing that only a few hundred years ago, a group of people decided to come up with a guide on how to keep another group of people down. Ultimately affecting generations of families-past, future, and present. What’s even more interesting is, it didn’t stop with one group, it transcended to the likes of race, ethnic backgrounds, sexual preference, religion, ageism, sexism, etc… creating a plague like infection of minds, spreading a world wide disease that hurts us more than it helps. This should be the real war on terror. I don’t know what it stemmed from, power, money, or social status but it really hurts to see the way we treat each other. Especially since we are all human- have we completely given up on each other…Aren’t we still healing, or do we even care anymore?

Watching Jane Elliot, diversity trainer, and internationally known lecturer for the Blue…

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