Everyone knows…

I know. You know.  Yes,  we all know, because everyone knows that whenever anyone, anywhere, at any time is in a desperate search for something, no matter what it is, there are only a few places they are going to find it.  Let’s review.  Most of the time it is going to be in the last place you left it, but not always.  Could be some well meaning individual moved it.  The last place you left it may indeed be the place you chose because you “thought” it was a “safe” place.  A place you would never forget where it was.  Needless to say, that “safe” place seems to be among the missing, perhaps sucked into a worm hole.  Of course, there comes a time during some searches when a person has to give up on looking in places that would make sense.  This seems to be when you find yourself looking in absurd spots, while still you feel yourself being drawn to sensible areas out of your peripheral vision.   This ends up being the cause of a helpless feeling, a loss of self control, searching one area while your mind is traveling to another.  Now you aren’t really even looking at anything anymore, scanning the room while your hands are busy moving things around, so that you still appear to be in search of that thing, whatever it is, but now you are basically rendered useless to yourself.  At this point,  the thought occurs that you will never find it, until such time as you aren’t looking for it anymore.  The instant you don’t need it, it will be there.  That is when some of us stop looking, or at least pretend to.  We declare to the universe that we have given up, just minding our own business, maybe we are inspecting our finger nails, but the universe knows we are still searching, out of the corner of our eye, we fully expect that now that we are absolutely not looking, it will suddenly and miraculously appear.  Not so much.

I don’t know about the rest of the population, but at this point I generally go on a search and destroy mission!  I will find the item if it is the last thing I do!   Sadly enough, this brings me to the most frustrating thing of all!  When  I ask some smart ass, “Do you know where this might be?”  The answer always seems to be the same.  “No, but I bet it will be in the last place you look.”  That smug expression of the truly sarcastic, because odds are they are right.  Aahhh, but the truly defiant, the sort such as myself, will continue to look in just one more spot after we have found that thing we desperately search for.  Then and only then, the smug expression is mine!  No matter that the room is now upside down, everything else has been thrown to the wind.  I have what I was looking for and that is all that matters, right?