Cardboard Sadomasochism…

My thoughts on Cardboard Sadomasochism:
One person paints a pretty picture on a nice piece of card board. Then, they cut it up into about a thousand tiny little pieces, toss it in a box and sell it to some other person, telling them, “Here, this will relax you and it will be fun..” (Lie) The other person brings home their box of card board pieces and spends hours upon hours trying to put the picture back together again, with no real thought as to “What the fuck ,, WHY would anyone do this????” “Oh my God, where the hell are my crayons????”

So, yes, Ricochet thought it would be a nice idea to start a jig saw puzzle right along with cold weather. Something we haven’t done before, so who knew, maybe it would be nice. Not so much! If in fact I had any sanity left when I started, most assuredly it will be gone long before that puzzle is halfway through!