In Honor of my Dad…

1016693_10200691988239411_2053312954_nI have been searching for motivation lately to do the things that I need to do for myself, the physical stuff, like walking and working out. I couldn’t seem to get it back. I’ve gone over every motivational tool that I have used for myself and none of them were working. As time has gone by, I have started to feel a bit hopeless.
Just a little while ago, I remembered one reminder that never seems to fail me. Who I am. I am my father’s daughter.
My father was a mason/bricklayer foreman. He raised a family of six children and sent all of them to parochial schools. I am not sure how old he was when this happened, but there was moment in his life that I am sure he had gone over wishing it hadn’t happened. As far as I know, he fell from a scaffolding while on the job. Whether or not that is exactly how that happened is irrelevant to me. What is relevant however is that he suffered severe back injuries, followed by numerous surgeries and never was able to work again. Not only was he no longer capable in his trade, he was unable to work in any other capacity. He took no pain killers after he had recovered from the surgeries, not even aspirin, until years later when he had stomach cancer, had a large portion of his stomach taken out and underwent chemotherapy. He had heart problems from the chemo. The doctors called him the miracle man when he recovered from the cancer, only some time later to be diagnosed with colon cancer, which he also fought and won. Later again, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, which he fought and won, but in the end he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. As far as timing goes, I know it was at least ten years after the original cancer that my father passed away.
Over my father’s lifetime, he never stopped walking. Everyday that he could, he walked the Charles River. When he couldn’t walk, he listened to music to help him. I know most of the words to the Patsy Cline songs that he listened to day after day. He has been and still is a powerful inspiration for me. And so I hope to remember when I am feeling lazy, sorry for myself, want to say that I can’t, there is one man that will always be walking beside me. In honor of my Dad, never give in and never give up.