On the other side of the glass

Riding along in the passenger seat of John’s truck this morning.  I have the window open just a couple of inches, when out of my peripheral vision I see a spider dangling there not far from my face.  I turn towards “him” (him being the spider) and as I begin to howl, “Help, do something!” while bouncing in my seat as if that were going to solve anything, I am at the same time searching desperately for a tissue.  “He” must have seen this because “he” began to sway from his tiny spider like rope, seeming as desperate as me to avoid the eventual squish.  Up “he” went and when he did, I dropped the tissue I was now threatening “him” with and thought it better to close the window.

This spider and I now both still.  Staring at “him” my perspective changed.  A terrifying monster just a moment ago, now on the other side of the glass, “he” had suddenly become, what was that word I used?  “Cute?”  As I studied “him”, I imagined the outline of butterfly wings around “him”, and thought, maybe “he” isn’t much different really.  I counted “his” legs, all eight were present, and I wondered if it was only a delusion that “he” was as beautiful as a butterfly could be described, harmless really, while on the other side of the glass.  “He” had now tucked “himself” up under the wind guard, and I deemed “him” my intelligent little friend.

One slight change in circumstance and the perception is changed completely.

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